Frequently Asked Questions > How do I make a claim for injuries I sustained in an accident?

Up until July 2004 if you wished to make a personal injury claim your solicitor would sue the party or parties who may have been at fault for the accident. The Personal Injuries Assessment Board can into operation on the 2004 and any claim commence after that date have to be refer to the board before court proceedings can commence.

In cases where Liability is not an issue (i.e. one of the parties have accept that they were at fault) the Board will assess the value of the compensation they feel the applicant is entitled to based of the information they have been provided with. There is no hearing of evidence and it is important from the Claimants point of view that they all relevant details are cover in the submission of the application and medical reports.

Legal Cost are not covered by the award However if the other party denies that they were at fault or either party is unhappy with the award the matter must go down the Court Route at that stage and it is important the claimant has taken steps at the outset to prepare their case in the event of the matter going to Court.

While an individual is entitled to make an application to the PIAB without Legal representation it is advisable that they seek advise from a person well qualified to delivery good Advise.

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